Getting into the hobby of model car collecting can be an exciting yet daunting experience. With so many models, size and brands out there the question is where to start. 

Firstly, what scale. Now you don’t need to stick to any particular scale but sometimes space for the collection can be a limiting factor and sometimes some models are only produced in certain scales. 

To look at different scale’s sizes click here 

Once you have an idea of scales the biggest question is what are you most passionate about? The best way to start collecting is to collect one type first. Are you passionate about Australian road cars? The ATCC/Supercar’s series? Formula 1? Sports cars/Supercars/Hypercars? 

Expanding into different ranges is one of the most exciting things about the hobby but starting small and specific is the best way to find what you really want in your collection. 

Some major brands in the model car industry and their specialty are: 

Classic CarlectablesAustralia Road Cars, ATCC and V8 Supercars
Authentic CollectablesV8 Supercars
BianteAustralia Road Cars, ATCC and V8 Supercars 
AutoArtInternational Road Cars, International Race Cars, Supercars and Hypercars
SparkFormula 1, WRC, International Motorsport (probably the widest range of global race cars)
MinichampsFormula 1, Sport/Supercars, International Road Cars
LooksmartFerrari Formula 1, Ferrari Road Cars, Ferrari Race Cars
Drake CollectiblesAustralian Trucks 1/50 Scale