Light My Bricks’ are a company based in Melbourne, Australia, who have the widest range of Light kits designed for Lego®️ Sets.
Although they aren’t an official LEGO®️ product, many avid LEGO®️ builders like to use ‘Light My Bricks’ to transform their fully constructed sets into a spectacle.


‘Light My Bricks’ are small LED light sets made specifically for enhancing existing LEGO®️ sets. But the joy does not stop there! Light my Bricks lighting can be used for more than just Lego and will add great detail to other projects you might have on the go!

The lighting parts and components are small and unintrusive to your overall creation. You can get your own ‘Light My Bricks’ kit here  

Both our stores have some great Lego displays fully kitted out with Light By Bricks! Feel free to come in store and check them out. 

In the Below video KayJay takes us through the wonder that is ‘Light My Bricks’