Extra thin glue can be a good choice for fine or delicate parts, where strength is not necessarily important. Because it is so thin, this glue will run everywhere if not used carefully and sparingly. 

Our modellers have provided a couple of examples of times to use extra thin cement below: 

  • On large parts like fuselages, wings, hulls or where a strong join is required, use a thicker cement such as Revell 39604 or Tamiya 87003 first for the main bond, then go over the join line with the extra thin cement to improve the bond. 
  • On smaller parts such as cockpits or accessories, the extra thin cement can be used on its own. Dab the area with small amount of cement, place the parts together, then dab more cement around the joint, capillary action will allow it to seep into the join.

In the video below Glen talks all things sticky!