RTF - Ready To Fly

This term is used when the aircraft is complete with all electrics installed and will include radio, receiver, battery and charger. (Some assembly may still be required)                                                                                               

BNF - Bind And Fly

This term usually relates to planes supplied by Horizon Hobby where the aircraft comes with all the electrics installed and includes a Spektrum receiver. The user will need to purchase (or have) a compatible Spektrum radio and bind the radio to the aircraft. (Some assembly may still be required)  

PNP - Plug And Play

This term will apply to the majority of RC planes on the market today where the plane is supplied with all electrics installed, but will require receiver, radio, batteries and charger. (Some assembly will be required)                                   

ARF - Almost Ready To Fly

This term refers to an aircraft that is supplied without any electrics or engines, and the user will need to purchase all remaining components to complete the aircraft. These types of kits are usually suited to more advanced hobbyists who either want to spec out a model to their liking and/or enjoy building and tinkering. Please note: it's important to check manufacturer's required items and "suggested items" to complete any aircraft. All aircraft are different and will have different required items. (Assembly will be required for ARF models)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Check out our video below where RC Expert Vas explains everything you need to know about RC Aircraft Acronyms and Terminology.