We are big on happy customers and we understand no one likes a faulty product, so we want to ensure any warranty assessments are resolved quickly. 


We have put together a guide for the quickest processing of your warranty.  


All products are covered by a Consumer Guarantee and against manufacturing defects and workmanship for a set period determined by the individual manufacturer. This cover applies only when products are used in line with manufacturer's guidelines for the purposes they were intended (i.e. the defect was not your fault).  


Details on the manufacturer’s warranty period for your product can be found either in the manual/instructions.


If you are having issues with an item you have purchased and believe it to eligible for warranty repair/replacement or refund, please head over to the  Metro hobbies Support Centre  and select "I would like help with a warranty/faulty item"  we will require:


  • 1.     Your invoice or Order number
  • 2.     A clear photo or video of your item and the problem area
  • 3.     A detailed description of the issue
  • 4.     An overview of your item’s history of use and background


Many manufacturers have local dedicated support centres who are equipped to be able to handle faulty products and technical advice in a more timely manner.   In certain circumstances, or depending on where you live, we may forward your product to a support centre or ask you to forward your product directly to the support centre for their assessment.

Postage required to get the item back for assessment is at your expense, we will cover the return postage to get the repaired or replaced item back to you. If a refund is provided instead of a repair/replacement we can reimburse you for the incurred postage costs if you are able to provide a copy of the receipt.


From here, their service technician will assess the product and will determine if the item is covered by warranty and if so, advise on a repair, replacement (or part replacement) or refund.


Please note that Metro Hobbies will not issue a refund or exchange under the following circumstances:

  • If the product is outside the warranty period
  • If the product is faulty but has not yet been assessed by the local distributor
  • If the product is faulty and deemed to have been not covered by warranty.
  • If you changed your mind after using the product. 
  • If you found the same product cheaper somewhere else. 
  • If you decide you did not like the product or had no use for it.
  • If you caused the fault.
  • If you asked for a service to be done on the product in a certain way against our advice or were unclear about what you wanted.

Remember we are here to help, so if you have any questions about your purchase please feel free to ask.


For more information in relation to consumer rights and guarantees, please refer the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) website: